HD18 Baustoff

The specialist in transporting construction materials
  • Air suspension with shock absorbers
  • Complies with ECE directive
  • 24 m³ and 27 m³ U-shaped, round steel trough
  • Red/yellow front as per ISO 1728
  • With multi-chamber tail lights
  • For optimal visibility
  • With low-maintenance slewing ring
  • 40-mm-diameter towing eye
  • Made of fine-grained steel with full-width crossbars
  • Hole spacing 125 mm, capacity of 2000 daN for each
  • For a long service life
  • Floor completely grouted
  • Front wall 1200 mm, side walls 1000 mm
  • Can also be removed
  • Removable at the side and rear
  • With splash guard system
  • Folding

The HD18 Construction Material trailer boasts high-quality craftsmanship and makes for a particularly trusty companion. The hot-dip galvanised frame in particular ensures a high level of robustness and a long service life. The combination of a flatbed and a turntable naturally complies with all industry standards. What's more, thoughtful details make the trailer simple and convenient to use in everyday applications.

It is ideal for transporting palletised goods such as paving stones or building materials of any kind. However, it can also be used to transport general cargo and construction site equipment quickly and easily. A special feature of this trailer is its hinged walls at the side and back, which can be fully folded down. These walls allow the trailer to be loaded using either a forklift truck or a crane. This makes it versatile and, above all, cost-efficient. The holes on the outer frame offer numerous lashing options to ensure that any load can be optimally secured.

Details of the HD18 trailer:

SAF axles with disc brakes
EBS brake system with stability programme
Spring-loaded parking brake
Two interchangeable coupling heads
24-volt lighting system
LED side marker lights
Solid welded construction
Height-adjustable drawbar
Solid, welded chassis frame
Perforated outer frame
Frame and bogie hot-dip galvanised
Floor covering made of 27-mm non-slip phenolic resin-coated plywood
Side walls and front wall made from anodised aluminium
Side walls can be folded down at the side and rear
Galvanised Kinnegrip stanchions
Mudguard on the front and rear axle
Side protection device between the axles

Technical data

HD18 Baustoff

Permissible gross weight in kg 18000 Total length in mm 8900 x 2550 x 2485 (L x B x H)
Technically possible gross weight in kg 14510 Load height in mm 1285
Unladen weight in kg 3490 Tyres 385/65 R 22,5
Drawbar length in mm 1650 Loading area in mm 7100 x 2480
Height of fifth-wheel coupling in mm 800    

Subject to technical modifications. All dimensions are approximate values and relate to the series vehicle without accessories. Additional equipment changes both the inherent weight and the load capacity!

What can I transport with the Humbaur HD18 trailer?

Palletised goods

Palletised goods such as paving stones or construction materials

General cargo

General cargo and construction site equipment.